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With Loot Fetch you will never miss another needed World of Warcraft item again. You will not need to spend countless hours to get what you need. We will get all your desired items for you. This system has been developed by WoW players for WoW players. We know that many items you need from the auction house are sometimes hard to find. You can get armor, weapons, craftables, herbs, metals, and even all the resources for your skill leveling. We also know that you may need to buy wow items on a regular basis as long as they are at the right price. Let us check the AH and trade channels for you day and night till we find what you want. With Loot Fetch you can get the grinding and the searching done in one shot. Why buy from shady dealers overseas? We are a US based service company that will speak with you in proper English and knows about every single item we sell. In fact we are the originators of buying WoW Items online. We know what your character needs!

Use the links below to buy WoW items you need. We will search for and then send you the items if we do not have them on-hand. Currently pricing for all items is equal on all realms and factions. Select the item or items that you want to add to your cart. When done just checkout and you will be able to tell us the CHARACTER - REALM - FACTION that you want the items delivered to. You can pay by Paypal or if you don't have a Paypal account you can use a credit card as well as other payment options from Paypal's site. If there is an issue you may contact us at any time to change your order. Items can take anywhere from 24-72 hours to several days or longer depending on how rare they are on your server. If items exist - we will find them before your competition does.

Mists of Pandaria Expansion - last update : 7/6/13
Hand made in the USA WoW Gold for $9 per 10k on US servers!
Gold is BACK in STOCK and expanded! Items system is being rebuilt.

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Item Categories :
Almost all items available in-game that can be traded are listed below.
We will search daily for items on all US based servers.
Raise your "Item Level" by having us gear you up! Buy WoW Items below.

          Weapons - MoP
Armor - MoP
Darkmoon Cards - MoP
Trade Goods and Mats - MoP
Reagents - MoP
Metals - MoP
Cloth - MoP
Herbs - MoP
Inscription - MoP
            Enchanting Mats - MoP
Item Enhancements

Mounts - MoP
Reputation and Quest


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WoW Gold - US :
Due to popular demand we now sell gold on most US servers.

WoW Gold - US

Profession Leveling Materials + Strategy (No login needed!) :
Get level 600 in your profession, or a new one, without giving your login to anyone!

          Alchemy 1-600
Blacksmithing 1-600
          Enchanting 1-600
          Engineering 1-600
          Inscription 1-600
          Jewelcrafting 1-600
          Leatherworking 1-600
Mining 1-450
          Tailoring 1-600

Secondary Profession Leveling Materials + Strategy (No login needed!) :
Get level 600 in your secondary professions without giving your login to anyone!

          Cooking 1-600
First Aid 1-600





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