Buy WoW Weapons

Buy WoW Weapons

Use the links below to search for the WoW weapons you need. Currently pricing for all items is equal on all realms and factions. Select the item or items that you want to add to your cart. When done just checkout and you will be able to tell us the CHARACTER - REALM - FACTION that you want the wow weapons delivered to. If you forget to (or can't for some reason) enter the Character info just contact us after the order with it. You can pay by Paypal or if you don't have Paypal please look for the "Don't have a Paypal account" text on the left side of the Paypal login page. There you will be able to use your credit card or bank account to order. All transactions made on Paypal's site are 100% secure. If there is an issue you may contact us at any time to change your order. Items can take anywhere from 24-72 hours to several days depending on how rare they are on your server. If items exist - we will find them before your competition does!


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